The objects of the Cherish Freedom Foundation are to to study, conduct research and analysis, and to inform and educate the public its leadership as to historical, legal, jurisprudential, economic, philosophical, political, social, and public policy matters, including, but not limited to:

  1. the sources and underpinnings of the political, economic, and religious liberties enjoyed by the peoples of nations constituting the Anglosphere;
  2. domestic and international threats to national sovereignty and freedom and ways to defend against those threats;
  3. the importance of the special relationship among nations in the Anglosphere in preserving and advancing freedom;
  4. strategies to expand freedom in countries where it does not exist; and
  5. methods to pass the torch of freedom to the next generation.

These purposes of the Foundation are accomplished as follows:

  1. by engaging in, encouraging, and facilitating study, research, analysis, writing, and publications with respect to history, political science, economics, philosophy, law, jurisprudence, theology, and other disciplines providing insight into the conditions necessary for freedom to exist, protecting liberty under a written or unwritten constitution, and expanding citizens’ rights, and by publishing and distributing the results thereof to the general public, including its civic and business leaders, its elected and appointed officials, the media, and other interested individuals and organizations, through various means of communications, including meetings and conferences, briefings, reports, studies, monographs, video presentations, the Internet, radio and other educational materials and media;
  2. by sponsoring and supporting public discussion and better understanding of issues or principles such as individual freedom, national sovereignty, protected rights, limited government powers, checks and balances, separation of powers, and other matters such as those set out above, through groups, forums, panels, lectures, symposiums, seminars, debates, and other similar events to which interested individuals and organizations and members of the public will be invited;
  3. by supporting and sponsoring libraries, museums, and centers and other repositories of historical documents and memorabilia of public interest, as well as monuments and other remembrances of historical events relating to the struggle for freedom, in the United States and elsewhere, to stimulate interest in and advancement of the Foundation’s purposes;
  4. by supporting, as well as engaging in, public interest litigation that indirectly, as well as directly, supports the purposes of the Foundation;
  5. by providing grants and awards and otherwise encouraging and assisting in the research, writing, and education of the public on issues of interest to the Foundation;
  6. by offering internships, fellowships, and conducting cultural exchanges between the United States and other countries; and
  7. by working with other organizations and individuals in furtherance of the above-stated purposes.

Contact the Foundation

For further information about the Cherish Freedom Foundation, please contact us at 1006 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Virginia or by email at [email protected].